**We will have ads running November all the way to January. I also have an upcoming contract with a 100k factions youtuber, we'll see how far that goes.*


New Features:
New Cannon Patches [Added]
We have new cannon patches that should fix most cannons. It's still in beta, so let us know if you run into any problems! Here's a pic of Opting's cannon being fired south for fun.

Optimized Entire Server: [Added]
After weeks and weeks of working with weird minecraft physics and checking plugins, @Opting and I have finally fixed the lag for the normal server. Our TPS is a crispy 20 with it dipping to 19 TPS on occasion. Our new machine also plays a good factor in TPS and server latency.

Things that have been optimized:
1. TNT + Explosions.
2. Radius Tools (Even 15 intense radius tools mining at the same time won't do anything).
3. Monsters will now merge and stack.
4. Several plugins that seemed to have memory leaks.

Reward for logging in daily: [Nov. 4]
You can now get several rewards for logging in daily! Your prizes get better as long as you log in everyday in a streak. If you have very good snapchat streaks, you'll probably do well!

Black Market: [Nov. 4]
This is a very long system so get ready to read.

Dragon Eggs will drop every 2 hours in the north of spawn. It's still the same as the last season unfortunately, but we'll get one made specifically for IntenseRaids soon.

1. Sugarcane is now buffed from $9 sell value to $11. [Added]
2. Cactus is now debuffed from $6 to $4. [Added]
3. Console Clients allowed. [Nov. 4]
4. Decorations on /shop expanded to glass and glass panes. [Added]
5. You will only be able to have 1 ally, and 5 truces. [Added]
6. Radius tools will no longer give you blocks it mines. [Added]
7. Villager trading disabled. [Nov. 4]

WAY TOO MANY TO LIST. no seriously, there's a lot.
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